Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Well, this picture says "Christmas" better than I ever could!  All the felines in our house ate normally, and there were no feathers anywhere.  Pity about the heat, not good for 2 of my fellow residents (Buttons is black and Sasha has long hair), but I was absolutely fine - small and lithe with enough white to help reduce heat absorption. 

Heard one of our visitors say he'd finished  Ian Rankin's "Standing in Another Man's Grave" and how much he'd enjoyed it.

Quoting The Telegraph - the retirement age for detectives has been raised  so Rebus is now out of retirement and finds himself as a civilian working in Edinburgh’s cold case unit, which, as viewers of TV’s 'New Tricks' will know, is the sort of place where they bung the geriatric sad-sacks who’ve never had a life outside police work and can’t face retirement. He still rarely sees his daughter and has, in the words of one hostile observer, “no current relationships, other than with the bottle and anyone who happened to sell tobacco”.....and it only gets better!

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