Thursday, 10 January 2013

What I'm reading by Tabby Lloyd

Rebus has returned! Ian Rankin has brought back the Detective Inspector Rebus character after a gap of five years. Of course, in real life, the retirement age for police in Scotland has changed and this allows Rebus to return to work.

When Rankin was asked about television adaptations, he said: “It’s good that so much crime fiction is being written, though I sense people are getting a bit tired of the Scandinavian model.
STANDING IN ANOTHER MAN'S GRAVEMaybe we could turn to the Indian subcontinent, or just somewhere that isn’t bleak and windswept and snowy and full of psychopathic serial killers running amok. Like every crime writer in Britain, I’m very jealous of Scandinavian crime writers whose work gets 20 hours on TV.
Rebus gets 45 minutes per book – one hour on the television with 15 minutes of adverts. Everything got dropped apart from the title!"

Test your knowledge of Rebus with this quiz from Rankin's website :

1.  What was the first Rebus book to be published. 
2.  What is the name of Rebus’ ex-wife?
3.  Name the deadly internet role playing game contact in The Falls?
4.  Under what does DC Siobhan Clarke find her first clue in the Restaurant Bleu in The Falls?
5.  Who is Rebus’ nemesis?
6.  In which pub does Rebus regularly drink and on what street is it?
7.  In which book does the serial killer the Wolfman appear?
8.  In which book does MP Gregor Jack get caught in an Edinburgh brothel?
9.  Rebus’s daughter Samantha is injured in a hit and run accident. In which book does this incident occur? 
10. In which book does the Lord Provost’s daughter disappear?

None of this "the answers are on page 9" or "the answers are at the foot of the page" (easy for those of us who are experts at reading upside down)...happy puzzling!

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